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I'm a freelance graphic designer offering graphic design, logo design and web design services to clients in Daytona Beach. I have over 11 years of professional experience working with corporations, small businesses and individuals on a variety of design projects. Strong suits include logo design, brand and identity creation, UI design, t-shirt designs, marketing and art direction. In addition to these services, I have a degree in web design and offer Wordpress site designs for small businesses.

I started AGrib Design as a way to showcase my ongoing portfolio and to connect with potential clients that could utilize my graphic design or logo design skills. If you have a business in the Daytona Beach area, or are simply a startup in need of graphic design services, give me a shout!


These are three things you can expect to be brought to the table when hiring me for a project. I breathe design and absolutely love what I do. I let this speak through my work and focus my passion on creating the best possible design for your business. Whether you are located in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, or halfway around the globe, you can expect my best effort on your next graphic design project. Around here the business model is simple; happy client = happy designer.
Where are you located?
I am located in Wisconsin, although nearly all of my clients are located in other states. Being a freelancer in a small town is limiting, so I look to reach clients around the country that could utilize my skills. Throughout the project I stay in close to eliminate misunderstandings and breakdowns in the creative process.
Why should I hire you over an agency or crowd sourcing site?
Freelance graphic designers are a great way to get quality design services at a lower rate. Many times we are able to keep our rates lower than design agencies, who have a higher overhead. As a freelance graphic designer, I limit the number of projects I take on at a single time. This allows me to focus my attention on each of my clients and not provide watered down quality.

As far as crowd sourcing, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1 - You get what you pay for. Crowd sourcing sites are not only unethical, they also force designers to create things as fast as they can. This restricts the creative process and turns your design into fast food, instead of fine dining. What impression do you want your design to make?
2 - You know what you're getting. When I'm your graphic designer, you exactly know the quality of work I bring to the table. When going through something that's crowd sourced, it's a mystery who will be designing for you. Many times you will get designers just starting out or people just designing for fun. Why leave it up to chance?
3 - You're asked to be an expert in the design field. As professional graphic designers, it's our job to know about best practices, typography, color, and really everything to be a professional in this field. We stay up to date on design trends, in addition to having the education and experience necessary to know what good design is. Crowd sourcing sites unfairly put this pressure on the consumer. Graphic design is truly a trade, similar to being an electrician or plumber. You want a skilled designer to handle this unnecessary burden, so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.
Can you design more than just my logo?
For sure. Although I specialize in logo design projects, I also focus heavily on branding and identity creation. This, in combination with my background in UI, web design, t-shirt design, marketing, digital and print design, allows me to offer a wide range of creative services.
Do I need to live in Daytona Beach to hire you as my graphic designer?
Absolutely not! Whether you are located in Daytona Beach, Port Orange, DeLand, Deltona, or halfway around the globe, I can be your graphic designer.