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What type of projects do you take on?
I can take on pretty much anything related to design. I specialize in logo design, brand and identity creation, t-shirts and UI design. Other types of projects I've designed - websites, business cards, letterheads, web and print ads, icons, labels, cd covers, posters, coins, apps, sell sheets. If you don't see your type of project listed, just ask!
How long will my project take?
It really depends on the type of project. Logo design projects typically run 2-3 weeks, while t-shirt designs are only 1-2. Larger UI or web design projects can span over several months. Once I know more about your project, I can provide an approximate turnaround time.
What are your rates?
I charge a flat fee for a project instead of an hourly rate. No two projects are ever the same, so I will need to know more about your project before I can quote an accurate price. Depending on the project type, I may provide you with a design questionnaire to fill out.
Do you accept rush projects?
I really discourage any project that is considered a "rush". Time is needed to research, brainstorm and let the creative process work. Skipping any of these steps will make the finished product suffer. So typically the answer is no, but feel free to contact me with your project details and deadline. I will then be able to respond with a definitive answer.
Did you go to school for design?
I did. I graduated from Moraine Park Technical College with my Associate of Applied Science degree, which emphasized both web and graphic design.
Do you accept contracted work from design agencies?
Yes. Just send me a message and I'll be in touch.
Will you design for me if I'm not located in your state?
For sure. The beauty of being a graphic designer is that you can design for or from any location. I have designed for many out-of-state clients and even a few out of the country.
Do you freelance full-time?
Nope, I work during the day as a UI Designer. I take on all of my freelance projects at night and over the weekend. If you can't tell, I absolutely love designing. So I feel very fortunate to be able to go from one graphic design job to another.

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