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I'm a graphic designer offering graphic design and logo design services to clients in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I have over 11 years of professional experience working with corporations, small businesses and individuals. Strong suits include logo design, brand and identity creation, UI design, t-shirt designs, marketing and art direction.

I started AGrib Design as a way to showcase my ongoing portfolio and to connect with potential clients that could utilize my graphic design or logo design skills. In addition to my graphic design work, I am able to create WordPress websites for small businesses.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in working together. If you are from the Gatlinburg area, I would love to have the opportunity to be your graphic or logo designer!

Where are you located?
I am actually located in Wisconsin. Although I am located in a different state, I consistently work with clients located around the country. I always stay in close contact with clients to eliminate misunderstandings and breakdowns in the creative process. I continue to market my design services in cities where I feel my creative could be utilized, regardless of location.

I market myself outside of Wisconsin because there just isn't enough design work to go around as a freelancer. Limiting my services to a single state would restrict my opportunities as a designer.
Why are you marketing in Gatlinburg?
Gatlinburg is a good fit for my design skills for many reasons:
1 - Large number of businesses.
2 - Marketing opportunity.
3 - Tourist Attraction. There are a wide variety of businesses that could utilize graphic design, web design, logo design and branding services.
What type of design work do you do?
I have experience designing pretty much anything digital or print. I really excel with graphic design, logo design and branding work. I have experience designing Wordpress websites for small businesses and have also designed business cards, posters, billboards, print ads, digital ads, web banners, social banners, t-shirts, magnets, coins and much more.
Do I need to be located in Gatlinburg for you to be my graphic designer?
Absolutely not! I can do my graphic design and web design work if you are located in Gatlinburg, over in Townsend, or halfway around the country. One of the nicest things about being a graphic designer is that the work can be done from anywhere. I stay in close communication with my clients and really understand your brand and goals of the work prior to starting. So you just don't need to be located in downtown Gatlinburg in order to work with me.
What type of businesses do you do your web design and graphic design for?
My web design work I like to limit to small businesses. Web design projects are incredibly time consuming. If you have a mid to large size company, it would be in your best interest to use someone that can offer a team of designers / developers. It's not that I don't want to design for you. Being a one man show, I just need to know my limits :)

For my graphic design work, I am able to design for anyone with any type of business. Whether you have a Gatlinburg show, restauraunt, hotel, attraction, small business or even a start up, I would love to be your graphic designer!


These are three things you can expect to be brought to the table when hiring me for a project. I live design and absolutely love what I do. I let this speak through my work and focus my passion on creating the best possible design for your business. Whether you are located in Gatlinburg, over in Townsend, or halfway around the globe, you can expect my best effort on your next graphic design project. Around here the business model is simple; happy client = happy designer.

Let's work together and rock your next project.

- Anthony | AG